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Note: Just like other AOL IM clients that work with TOC, I have been receiving many emails recently about connection failures and reliability problems while using AIMfire. My understanding is that AOL has chose to introduce intentional service interruptions and limitations to TOC to encourage the use of clients using OSCAR, such as their official AOL Instant Messenger client. I'm afraid there is not much I can do about this.
Everybody's switching (or should switch at least) to the open source Jabber protocol and now with the advent Google Talk people might start switching over. So, this project might be experiencing Sudden Software Death Syndrome - I'm more concerned on fireFTP's direction anyway and en total I've only spent one week (yeah, one week - I'm pretty impressed myself given that fireFTP took months and months) working on this project so I don't feel so bad about time wasted. If someone wants to pick up where I left off, feel free to give it a hack. Or check out another IM client for Firefox: Jabberzilla.

Introducing AIMfire, an instant messaging program for the fantastic Mozilla Firefox. AIMfire is like your usual instant messaging programs but it is small in size, easy to use and in particular features something that other instant messaging clients don't have: the power of Audioscrobbler built-in. So try it out and give it a spin!
    Install 0.1.2 (English - only 25KB!)
       See a screenshot
       Read the release notes
       View the source

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       Proceeds go to charity. Learn more.

  • Features include:
    • Any operating system: Windows, Macintosh, and Linux
    • Compact: only 25KB in size!
    • Built-In Audioscrobbler: See what your buddy is listening to
    • And best of all: it's FREE! with no advertisements!

Also check out fireFTP

For questions or comments about AIMfire, please email mimecuvalo AT gmail DOT com.
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